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Letterpress is a traditional printing method using metal or wooden type onto which paper is pressed, leaving an ink impression on the page. By adjusting force of the pressure, this impression can be varied from a light ‘kiss’ to a deep imprint in the texture of the paper.

Over the past decade there has been revival in letterpress printing, as a new generation discovered the possibilities of the craft - the gratifyingly tactile effect of a deep crisp impression, the varying textures left by printing with wood, metal and even plastic and the artistic possibilities of overlapping layers of ink, built up one colour at a time.


Little Gem Letterpress

I started Little Gem Letterpress in 2014 with one table top press, half a dozen trays of type, and a love of printing. Since then I have accumulated over 100 different fonts and decorations, discovered how to make and use plates of original artwork, mix inks and print on a range of different papers and materials.

I have learnt the art of letterpress through study and practice, and have joined forces with designers, artists and illustrators, to the expand the possibilities of what I print.

I work with three presses, an Adana, and Arab and a flatbed proofing press. All are fed and driven by hand (or in the case of the Arab hand and foot!), which means everything is printed by hand, one at a time. There may be minor variations in each print, which gives letterpress printing its unique charm.


How It Works

I love creating my own prints and designs but just as much I love working with customers to bring their own print ideas to life. If you have a print project in mind get in touch and I will talk thought the project before sending you a quote. For larger orders I take a 50 per cent deposit payment before before sending paper a proof, either digital or physical. Once you are completely happy with the proofs I will print and take final payment.


Paper and Ink

I take great care to work with the best quality paper and inks. I do my best to ensure that my business is as environmentally responsible as possible, using recycled and FSC certified papers and vegetable-oil based inks.

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